Product Development

We offer end-to-end hardware and embedded firmware product development. From an idea scribbled on a napkin to a product sold out of your store, we’ll help you define your requirements and provide the technical know-how to bring your idea to life.

Internet of Things

Create a new gadget or update your exiting product line with IoT capabilities to deliver powerful new features that provide value to your customers and differentiate you from the competition. We leverage proven back-end solutions to provide you with encrypted, secure, and reliable device connectivity and management.


Using industry-standard professional tools, we offer schematic capture, circuit simulation, and PCB layout services. From simple 2 layer PCBs to 8+ layer rigid-flex HDI designs incorporating high speed data interfaces, we have the experience necessary to deliver the appropriate solution for your product.


We’ve worked with a vast array of microcontrollers (MSP430, ARM Cortex M0/3/4 A9, PIC, 8051, AVR). Whether you need long battery life or substantial processing power, we’ll work with you to understand your application requirements and deliver tested and documented software for your bare metal or embedded linux device.


Our fully stocked lab has all the tools necessary to assemble, test, troubleshoot, and rework your embedded hardware and firmware products. If you’re nearing production, we’ll also perform EMI/EMC compliance pre-certification to catch costly issues that may cause certification failures. Let us iron out the kinks for you before you start production.


We’ll work with your manufacturers or coordinate with our own to ensure manufacturing, BoM, and assembly requirements are properly communicated. This is one of the most underestimated tasks in product development and can cost you valuable time and money if not managed properly.

Hardware is hard

We're here to help